Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 12 June 2009

Upper Coquetdale

River Coquet at Windyhaugh

Blood drop emlets...Rowhope burn

Thread leaved Water crowfoot...Coquet at Barrowburn

I don't visit this area enough. Some fine hay meadows add plenty of colour to the valley floor above Alwinton. We walked about 8 miles from Barrowburn up the Rowhope burn and up to the Border ridge, over Windy ghyle and Mozie law and back to barrowburn via the street; couldn't have picked a better day for it. Lots of birds such as Common sandpiper, Oystercatcher, Curlew and Golden plover on the tops. Up the Rowhope plenty of Wheatear, Whinchat and Buzzards. At Windy ghyle and Mozie law there were 3 Ravens. Many Small heaths on the wing.

On the home front I have seen 2 Grey squirrels in the Borough woods. I have been listening for Quail at Tranwell but no sign. On the Pont at Kirkley mill there is a fine show of Thread leaved water crowfoot. The above pic was taken today at Barrowburn but according to Swan it is found at both these sites. On monday there was a male Redstart at Mitford church but no Green woodpeckers this week but I did see a Cuckoo on Longhorsley common.


Ipin said...

I'm liking thos blood-drop emlets! I've not seen them before

abbey meadows said...

They originate in Chile but for some reason they tend to be confined to some of our upland streams in Northern England and southern Scotland. They could prefer the acid based rivers in the uplands though I'm not sure.
Common in upper coquetdale.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Not been up there for awhile there is the old village site on the way worth a visit.