Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 1 June 2009


Cranberry...Steng moss

Green spleenwort...Whiskershiel

Cropped pic of a damselfly sp


The Mill burn flows from Steng moss and cascades down an outcrop of limestone down a narrow and steep valley on the edge of Harwood forest. This is a wonderful spot and a great place for plants. There are hundreds of Butterwort in flower at the moment, Marsh valerian and early marsh orchid to name a few. The best plant is Green spleenwort. It has a north and western distribution such as the Lake district and west scotland but is rare in Nortumberland but survives at this site. The other plant I came across on Steng moss was Cranberry which has a delightful delicate flower. Birds in the area were 9 Buzzards, 2 Raven and Siskin were feeding fledged young. A distant Green woodpecker was calling from the forest. I have included a pic of a Damselfly species at Whiskershiel; I cannot get sharp shots of insects but I'm sure Stewart will still be able to identify it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel. Your Damselfly is a Large Red.

Kingsdowner said...

Sounds like a pleasantly cool place!
Butterworts sound fascinating plants - more pics and info would be appreciated.

Ipin said...

I remember seeing butterwort in the dunes at Hadston when I worked at the Country Park there, not far from the grass of parnasus