Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 5 October 2009

New pond

The pond with no name yet

With the sad demise of Widdrington pond, west of the village (swallowed up by the new opencast) they have created a new pond on the western fringes of the new opencast opposite the old Junction inn pub near Felton lane. I don't think it will pull in the birds like the old pond did but it is worth keeping an eye on when I'm in that area. I hope the restoration plans will include a new wetland area (they usually do). Today I had a walk through the new plantations nearby at Widdrington tip. There were dozens of Pink footed geese flying south and four Buzzards in the air. Good numbers of Chaffinches are building up with some Yellowhammers and Reed buntings mixed in and large flocks of Skylarks in the fields. Plenty of Butterflies on the wing with Red admiral, Small tortoiseshell and a couple of Painted ladies.


Alan Tilmouth said...

I think you just named it Nigel, 'No Name Pond" sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Either that, Nigel, or name it after the first aquatic species that drops in.

abbey meadows said...

Upland sandpiper pond would be nice but I think a Grey heron will be the first visitor.