Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Swallows and Martins

One of four Swallows at Hauxley (quality shot)!

Some town centre flooding this morning.

Some shots of the distant Crane at Eshott. It didn't like the Crows.

A better day today. With the morning quite bright and blustery I walked Bennyboy around the Stanners to take some pics of the swollen Wansbeck. I jumped in the car and went to Eshott to catch up with the Crane. Stewart told me where it was seen yesterday so I parked at the lane ends of the Shaw and it was feeding in the stubble field opposite but right at the bottom about a quarter of a mile away. Nice bird.

I then headed for the north end of Druridge bay and on my way I stopped to watch a pair of Buzzards displaying at West Chevington and while I was there I could see two other birds above the A1068 these were a pair of Peregrines circling together. I parked the car in the dunes near the south end of Hauxley and walked to Hauxley point along the beech. Plenty of waders around with at least 20 Bar-tailed Godwits but no sign of any migrants. Unusually a dead sheep was on the tideline, I don't know if this has been flooded out and swept away into the sea and washed up on the shore. At Hauxley village there was a single Tree Sparrow with the resident House Sparrows and apart from a couple of Chiffchaffs it was very quiet. Opposite the Ponteland hide I noticed 4 Swallows feeding high up (see crap pic above) as I watched them for 10 minutes they were joined by 6 Sand Martins and in 5 minutes they were away flying strongly to the north. I don't really know what drives them but the wind was blowing very cold and strongly in the opposite direction.

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