Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 5 April 2010

Pegswood Moor and Druridge

Barnacle Goose at Pegswood moor

Great white Egret at Druridge...keeping its distance

Drinker moth caterpillar? Druridge dunes

Hebrew character, abbey meadows, morpeth.

Lumpsucker, Cresswell

Took Bennyboy for a walk around Pegswood moor after the rain this morning. Only one Wheatear at the quarry end but on the flash on the opposite side a fine Barnacle Goose was with the Canadas. Looks great for a Garganey here but the only ducks here were Mallard and Gadwall. Also here were Coot, Heron, Common and Herring Gull, Reed Bunting, Meadow pipit, Skylark and good numbers of Goldfinch in the Alders and Willows.

This afternoon I took the kids to Druridge so I could catch up with the Great white Egret. It was keeping its distance but a nice bird all the same. In the dunes was a Drinker moth caterpillar..I think. To reward the children for accompanying me on a local twitch they were rewarded with an ice cream at Cresswell ices. We walked along the beach here and I found another dead Lumpsucker fish. On Saturday night when I got home from work I took the pic of a Hebrew character moth flying around the outside light.


alan tilmouth said...

I've been driving past every day thinking exactly those words ' looks great for a Garganey.'

Anonymous said...

Drinker moth caterpillar?
Correct id, Nigel. Looking at the size of it, it`ll not be long beore it pupates.

abbey meadows said...

I think it might have to be an early morning sighting Alan before the dog walkers come along. Thanks for confirming that Dean.