Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 23 April 2010

Ulgham Butterburs

Butterbur has been in flower for a while but at Ulgham this morning the Butterburs at the other end of the village at Jackson's ford look well advanced with the leaves already a good size. The flowers themselves look 'leggy' and I wonder if these are female plants. Maybe not but I'm sure Phil (greenfingers) will be able to put me right. My turn to tidy up along the River Lyne at the local nature reserve. Some nice common woodland floor flora and a nice Lesser Whitethroat made this a pleasant outing. Also my first Green veined Whites.

I visited Felton lane west of Widdrington village just after mid day to look around the scrubby area where we used to ring birds. It is terribly overgrown but there were still a couple of good things here with an Orange underwing moth flying around the canopy of the tall Birches along the road and my first Orange tip butterfly this year in the scrub next to the main railway line. This evening I saw a Barn Owl in flight at Ulgham Broom.

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