Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 11 April 2010

High House Wood

High House woods this evening

Dogs mercury growing out of a stump...High House wood

Blue Anemone...Abbey woods.

This morning as I walked Bennyboy around the top end of the estate a Green Woodpecker ear bashingly called from the Holm Oak just as I was passing it. It was sitting half way up with its neck uptuned and belting out its call every 20 seconds. A missed photo opportunity as I don't always have the camera with me on these short walks. It was in the Oaks on the edge of High house opposite the bungalows on Westgate. Southern bloggers will be scratching their heads as to why Northumbrian birders strive to connect with this scarce and elusive bird in these parts but they can be difficult to see especially in the lowlands. When I got back home I could still here it but when I went back with the camera there was no sight or sound of it. Another day hopefully.

Other things around here were my first Blackcap and a garden escape but a nice flower all the same a Blue Anemone in a shady spot in Abbey woods. There was a spectacular sunset tonight. I tried to capture it from the bedroom window.


geordie said...

you have the same problems as i do, when i do not have my camera there is loads to take, when i do the chances are limited unless a bitern turns up or a avocet or perhaps a kingfisher but that is nature

Anonymous said...

No head scratching from me Nigel. I know all too well about the geographical range of some species. Marsh Tit is just one example.

ST said...

A green woodpecker is sighted daily, in a garden in that area.
so keep your camera handy!

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the comments. No more Greenie so far this week but still looking and taking my camera ST.

Kingsdowner said...

Your enthusiasm for green woodpeckers is no more puzzling than us southerners getting excited by eiders!