Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stobswood and the Borough woods

Yellow Stags Horn...Borough woods

Golden Scaleycap...Borough woods

Mystery moth...Abbey Meadows

Musk Mallow 'alba'...Old Brickworks, Stobswood

Young Shaggy Inkcaps...Stobswood

Larch Bolete...Old pit heap, Stobswood

Brickcap...Abbey Meadows

Yesterday turned out to be quite good for birds around Stobswood and Widdrington tip. There were 7 Snipe, 12 Grey partridges and an abundane of Skylark and Meadow pipit as well as a few Reed buntings. The best bird was a Long Eared Owl in the pine plantation where the old pit heap used to be. Also Buzzard and 33 Long tailed tits. Plenty of fungi and plants around here. Some good fungi along the Borough woods at Mopeth today. It was nice and sunny but cold so insects were few but a few Speckled woods, Wall and Small tortoiseshell butterflies at Stobswood.


Skev said...

Some great shots there - I really ought to look for some interesting fungi (not that I'd have much clue about most of them!).
Your mystery moth is a White-shouldered House-moth (Endrosis sarcitrella) - very common.

Anonymous said...

Those Golden Scalycap are magical. They look like they`ve just come out of a childrens book.

The mystery moth is White-shouldered House Moth.

Nigel, any thoughts on my un-named fungi from yesterday.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the moth id, aptly named as it was on the kitchen blind. As for the fungi Dean I have got lots of fungi pics stored for future id and this is one of them growing on the grass opposite the house. I believe it is possibly one of two species...Agaricus comptulus or Agaricus xanthodermus (yellow staining mushroom) whose stipe will often stain a yellow/bronze colour but I'm not certain. I'll have to do some googling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fungi id Nigel. I`ll edit it later and also check for the staining tomorrow.