Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 27 May 2011

Plants and stuff

Red Campion...Highford Bridge

Sulphur polypore...Abbey woods


Sanicle...Abbey woods

Fox and Cubs...Stobswood

I forget the name of this on a nettle and the above was on Willow

Zig-zag Clover...Widdrington tip

Snooth Hawksbeard...Stobswood

Just a quick post of a few outings over the past week. Just above the Highford bridge tons of stone and gravel were deposited following the flood in 2008 creating large islands. These are beginning to be colonised with some interesting plants. I'm still going to Stobswood and Widdrington every week as there is always something to find. I got an e-mail from the county recorder to say that the Dusky Cranesbill at Stobswood is the first county record since 1976. The micro moth was taken at Felton lane where there were Garden Warblers singing all over the place plus a reeling Grasshopper warbler here. Sparrowhawk and Buzzard were taking prey to ther nests here but some of the scrub area is very overgrown. There is still a Grasshopper warbler reeling near Howburn wood at Morpeth.


Emma Anderson said...

Hello there, Is there any chance you could let me know where Widdrington Tip is in relation to Widdrington village. I would like to go over to look for butterflies etc.
Best wishes, Emma

Emma Anderson said...

Nice collection of finds on this trip.

abbey meadows said...

Hi Emma
There are a few ways to get to but from Widdrington village roundabout take the West minor road signposted Eshott and follow this for half a mile or so with the opencast site on your right and a small pull in on your left (NZ245957). Park here and follow the track then turn left, the tip is on your right and can be accessed by a stile beside the methane gas burning facility (NZ243952). There is unlimited access through the woodland and footpaths lead off towards Stobswood which is good for plants and butterflies.

Skev said...

Some nice shots there Nigel. The tortix on a nettle looks like Celypha lacunana, and the geometer is Silver-ground Carpet.

Stewart said...

Silver Ground Carpet at the bottom Nigel and the top one looks like Celypha lacunana (google it or look on