Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Large Bittercress

Sweet Cicely


Common Dog Violet

Orange Tip on Large Bittercress

Hard Shield Fern (underside, fresh)

Wasp sp chewing wood

Boggy area covered in Marsh Marigold

Today was my turn as a volunteer at Ulgham meadows and wood LNR. It was warm and sunny and lots of common plants in flower. One of my favourite waterside plants is Large Bittercress and it is at its best right now. An Orange tip was on one flower and sat long enough to allow me to take a few shots. Also pictured above are a few of the many plants to be found in the woods and meadows at the moment. On the bird front the best were Whitethroat, Kingfisher and a female Redstart.


Vanellus said...

Your photos are great. Your blog shows that you obviously derive great pleasure from every aspect of the natural environment.

As for the Wasp. I know little about them, but try Googling Median Wasp and see if the pictures fit.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks V... some of the commonest stuff you take for granred is a joy to behold.