Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Last year I came across 15 Crow garlic plants (Allium vineale) growing on the roadside at the bottom of High house lane. Quite a common plant in the North of the county but very few records from VC67, in fact they were the only record from the vice county last year. In May they were growing in the same place again until early June when the council decided to cut this narrow and steep section of verge for the first time in years and mowed eveything flat. In July however, they survived the mowing and came into flower mid month. There are 22 plants this year.
More Green Woodpecker sightings this week with calling bird(s) every morning from High house wood and on Sunday a calling bird flew from High house towards Abbey gate and yesterday morning a bird was feeding on the grassed area at Abbey gate and flew off towards High house wood,,,too quick for the camera. A bird was calling from the Abbey this morning. Between St. Georges hospital and the Howburn woods I saw a flock of 54 Mistle Thrushes, the largest count I have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that they survived the mower, Nigel.

Stewart said...

I bet they were fieldfares ;) Do you remember the crack about a gallon of storm petrels back in the day. You should go for a look Nige, its well worth it.

abbey meadows said...

Dean - Its the first time they have cut this stretch so I was surprised they survived
Stew - I'm not off til Friday, they might of gone through by then