Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Two lifers at Stobswood

Two new plants...Water Soldier and...

...Greater Spearwort

Broad leaved everlasting Pea

Black Horehound

White Stonecrop

Some plant life at the old brickworks

Grey Heron...Ulgham

A good day for plants at Stobswood despite the rain. In a recently created pond in Woodburn I came across Greater Spearwort and water Soldier. Swan describes Water Solduer as long extinct in the county, last record 1895 at Netherwitton but probably an introduced plant but it is native in East Anglia. The Spearwort was also new and a good addition to the local flora. Other new plants were Black Horehound, near the railway bridge and White Stonecrop at the old brickworks. It was good to see old plants still surviving like Broad leaved everlasting Pea at Stobswood House and Oak fern which has spread from neighbouring Grangewood (a good lowland record). Lots of Butterflies between the heavy showers with Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Small Skipper in good numbers and Speckled Woods were out in force including a one that landed on my nose. Did my botanical 1 km square at Cresswell and also my stint at Ulgham before conceding to the heavy rain.


Stewart said...

Nigel did you check the Mulleins for Mullein Moth caterpillars? I see one in your photo behind the Vipers Bugloss...Its worth a check...saying that my three caterpillars have gone to ground to pupate now but the plants are chomped to bits.

jah said...

Nice photos

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the comments. I did check the Mulleins Stew but on one plant I noticed the lower leaves were eaten but I couldn't see what had been eating them, some had leaf mine activity but the other plants were intact.