Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 30 March 2012

Cheviot and Hedgehope Hill

Pity it had it's back to me, taken from Hedgehope with Cheviot as a backdrop

Hundreds of displaying pairs

No snakes alive but an outgrown skin and sadly a road casualty

Heather and Bennyboy approaching Cheviot summit along the Pennine way

Another beautiful day and a long 12 mile strenuous walk from Langleeford past Long crag, a steep ascent up Hedgehope Hill and down over the boggy Comb Hill, even in this dry spell was very wet and difficult to negotiate in certain areas, over Scotsman Knowe, up to Cairn Hill, over Cheviot summit and the steep descent to Scald Hill and back to Langleeford.
Lots of birds around with a displaying pair of Goshawk, a fine male merlin, 5 Ravens, numerous Buzzard, a pair of Peregrines, 3 Golden Plover and possibly hundreds of Red Grouse, chiefly in displaying pairs. Many commoner species but few plants at this time of year. 


Phil said...

Lovely picture of the golden plover surveying his territory...

Johnnykinson said...

Cracking day for a brilliant walk with some super sightings. If you were wondering where the Ring Ousel was, it was in Wallsend. It'll be up Hawsen Burn on Sunday !!

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for commenting. Phil...its the call these birds make on territory that makes the climb worthwhile. JK... we were going to drop down from Scald hill to the Hawsen burn but we needed to get back for the kids coming home from school.