Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 12 March 2012

Yellow Star

Yellow Star of Bethlehem (Gagea lutea)

Coltsfoot and Common Field Speedwell

Last week I noticed a good clump of Yellow Star of Bethlehem leaves growing in the Scotch Gill woods at Morpeth. This morning there were 15 flowering plants with a few more still to come into flower.There was also Kingfisher and Cormorant here. Later this morning I went on a bike ride to Stobswood via Hebron and Tritlington. Not a lot to report from the ponds but a few flowers out at the old brickworks. I saw my first Coltsfoot this year and my first butterfly, Small Tortoiseshell here. Some road widening at the entrance suggests that this site may be developed soon. On Friday the Short eared Owl was hunting the rough ground near Howburn woods and 3 Buzzards circling over the woods here on Sunday.


Ragged Robin said...

Lovely to see the photographs of some spring wildflowers. I am still awaiting my first butterfly of the year!!

Apologies if you get this comment twice - not sure if the first one got through the word verification!!

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for the comment, I did get it twice! The spring flowers are just starting to show up here so it is onwards and upwards from now on.