Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tree Bee in the garden

Without a bit of inspiration I would have easily overlooked this bee as we get a lot of bees in the garden I tend to look at them and wish I knew what some of them are. Despite plenty of reference I'm no entomologist however, following reading Dean and Chester birder blogs this morning I wondered if Tree bee had made its way up to Morpeth as well as Waldridge just South of the Tyne, Tim sexton at Whitley Bay has had Tree bee in his garden. 
Seconds after stepping out of the house into the unseasonal midday warmth I noticed a bee land on a plant pot. To my astonishment it was a Tree bee and I was only a few inches away but by the time I rushed inside for the camera it had gone. I relocated it high up the South facing wall of the house investigating the gaps in the burglar alarm so I'm afraid the pics aren't the best but unless I'm mistaking it for some other species you can make the bee out. Clicking on the pic will slightly enlarge it. Thanks for Dean , Chester birder and Tim for making me look at insects that little bit closer.


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Nigel. One of those species that can`t be mistaken for any other Bee.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Dean, its quite an attractive bee but my pics don't do it justice.

Wren said...

Very nice!

abbey meadows said...

Thanks for dropping by Wren and leaving a comment. Looking through your blog I had totally forgotten about Bar Six which I used to eat in the late sixties/early seventies.

Stuart Roberts said...

Any Chance of submitting this record to the monitoring scheme?

Thanks, Stuart