Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Town Hall Clock

Town hall Clock or Moschatel...High House wood

Toothwort...Borough woods

Town hall Clock or Moschatel (Adoxa moschatellina) is one of my favourite spring time plants. I first came across it on a roadside at Ulgham in the mid 1970's where it is still found today and on the edge of woodland at nearby Stobswood. The above pic was taken at High House wood in Morpeth where it carpets part of the woodland floor.
On my last post Mel Lloyd commented on trying to find Toothwort in the usual places. Sometimes you can look too hard for certain things and for years I searched the local woods in suitable habitats for Toothwort (Lathraaea squamaria) but came across the ones in Morpeth by accident. Yesterday evening while walking through the Borough woods I came across more Toothwort plants growing next to the footpath where some pollarding had taken place. There were only four plants here, I photographed them this morning looking very pinkish in the showery morning light.
Quiet on the bird front with my first Willow Warbler yesterday in the High House woods and at least six singing at Widdrington tip this afternoon. The only other notable bird is 3 Goosanders on the Wansbeck at Oldgate bridge in Morpeth.


Lorraine said...

What a coincidence - I was going to send you a photo of this plant I took yesterday at County Hall pond area! Thanks for the id :)

abbey meadows said...

Hi Lorraine, good to know there are more of these plants in the area.