Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wet Weekend

Toothwort, Matheson's gardens, Oldgate

Miserable weather over the weekend with little to report. On Saturday evening at East Stobswood there was a Short eared and Barn Owl flying around together and on Sunday morning I was doing my first botanical survey this year at Cresswell in the rain where the highlight here was all the foam on the beach. Back in Morpeth the Toothwort is out. It is easy to see at the castle where it grows beneath Holly but at Oldgate it is more difficult to see as the area beneath the Poplar trees are blanketed with Ground Elder. I suspect these parasites thrive on the roots of a relict Elm at Matheson's gardens.


Mel Lloyd said...

Been out searching for toothwort (mostly in hazel coppice) but not found any......yet :-)

abbey meadows said...

M. I've looked for years in suitable habitat in the region but I only know of the two sites in Morpeth locally.