Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Monday, 8 April 2013

Garden Moth Scheme

I signed up to do the Garden Moth Scheme (GMS) this year but my first five attempts trapping in my Morpeth garden drew a blank due to the winter weather. It was cold this morning with a snow shower while I was emptying the trap. I was pleased to see a few moths, the above are Early Grey 2 (different ground colours), Hebrew Character and a Common Quaker. My next session will be Friday evening. I'm quite new to this game so please comment if my identification is wrong.


Ragged Robin said...

So glad to see you've started mothing and look forward to seeing what you catch :)

I've been trapping for a few years but still make howlers :)

Luckily fellow bloggers often come to my rescue - Stewart and Dean spring to mind :)

Hampshire moths Flying tonight is a good website - I know its a different part of the country but I find it very useful.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks, I think I will get plenty of support with fellow bloggers and some useful websites