Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Toothwort (Lathraea squamaria)

Looking for flowering plants around Morpeth over the last couple of days has been difficult as it remains cold again this week. The only plants I found in flower have been Shepherds purse, Danish Scurvygrass and Toothwort which is flowering along the riverside at Mathesons gardens. On my way back up the curly kews bank yesterday a largish bat was flying around (above).
Today I had a long walk over the opencast at Stobswood. There are hundreds of Meadow pipits and Skylarks scattered over this vast open space. Also dozens of Curlew and Lapwings. Behind Middle Stobswood farm is a pond sheltered in a hollow. This cannot be viewed from the main road but it is where the Geese often fly over to from the big pond at East Stobswood. There were 3 Cormorants and Tufted duck feeding here. On the main pool at East Stobswood the Pink footed Geese have dwindled to 49 birds. A fine pair of Pintail brightened up a cold day as this is a first for me at this site.


Tim Sexton said...

Looks good for a Noctule Bat.

Kingsdowner said...

It shows how cold-blasted we are down here in Kent, that a usually reliable toothwort site has only two spikes (actually stumps, not yet flowering) while you have a fine specimen.
Still no butterflies down here, but you've got bats!

abbey meadows said...

Thanks both for the comments. I hope it warms up as predicted later this weekend. The bat was flying quite high up above the woods but surprised to see it as it was very cold and middle of the afternoon.

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abbey meadows said...

Thank you for your comment