Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Abbey mill

Abbey mill...the water wheel is still intact under the right arch
A fine show of Wood anemone in the Borough woods

Moschatel aka Town hall clock

Snakes head fritillary

The Wansbeck at Wallington

Can't put a name to this species of fungi

Not much time spent in the meadows this week due to shift pattern. Wednesday and Thursday mornings were good between the Highford and Lowford bridges. A strange croaking noise along the Mitford road turned out to be two Dippers on a small stone, two other Dippers were further upstream at the broken weir. I also saw Kingfisher here as well as Grey wagtail and Heron. Small numbers of Mallard, I consider any Mallard this far from the town centre as wild; they always behave differently and are very wary. Other birds around here...Marsh tit, Chiffchaff (dozens singing), 8+ Nuthatches inluding 5 together and 7 Jays together in some sort of noisy dispute.
Posted a few pics above along the wansbeck over the last couple of days. The mill race which used to be clear and fast flowing is now slow and stagnant since the weir was damaged in the flood and just trickles under the mill into the Wansbeck.

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