Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Rothbury to Chartners

Chartners house, Harwood forest

Yeaterday I entered Harwood forest from the Rothbury end, this is the first time I have cycled along here. It is steep in places but not too strenuous and the area around Weather head has been clear felled so there is an open aspect right across the Simonsides, Spylaw and Coquet cairn. The forest is full of the usual forest species with good numbers of Siskin and at least 10 Jays. A few birds of prey in the air but the best birds were 2 Ravens at the top of Simonside and later at Weather head (presumably the same birds), these birds were quite vocal making a wonderful noise as I cycled along the track. Also 2 Crossbills at the Rothbury end and Red grouse. Only migrants were Willow warbler and Swallow.


Anonymous said...

I was in nether approved school back in 1973 and they used to us swimming in please woods Nd the river at rothbury.
We also used to go to an old farmhouse called chartners. It was an.old rundown house that we used to do some small repairs on.
Could this be the house in your pictures ?

abbey meadows said...

Yes this is the very house. It is refurbished now and someone stays here at weekends. A friend of mine bought the school at netherton in the 90's and made it into a beautiful home. They have since sold it. Thank you for the comment.