Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

First fledgling

Young Dipper at Highford
Dryad's saddle a common fungi in the woods around here

My first fledgling this spring was a Dipper at Highford being fed by both parents. Further along a Kingfisher flew out of a nest hole in the bank on the far side of the river. The young Dipper has a ring on its right leg. A pair of Goosander were on the river here as well as several pairs of Mallard.I walked further upstream to Mitford castle. The commonest bird singing along the river was Blackcap; there seemed to be one singing or 'tac' ing every 20 yards or so. There was a Buzzard at the castle being mobbed by Jackdaws and a Green woodpecker (heard). many plants are coming into flower and the first fungi are beginning to fruit.


Stewart said...

I wonder if John Richardson has done the Dipper...My Mistle Thrush nest has all flown now too...

Kingsdowner said...

It would be interesting to know the ringer's story - does he wear waders?
Presumably dippers don't move far, so it will be good to hear of repeat sightings.

abbey meadows said...

I would imagine it would be John Richardson and Neil Anderson or maybe ipin.