Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Welcome back

Willow warbler at Linton pond
Drake Gadwall on the wrong side of the gate at Bothal

With the fog gone this morning and temperatures reaching a scorching 9 degrees I did the tour of local ponds. starting at Pegswood moor, no sign of the Ringed plover but the 3 Wheatears were still there. 6 Tufteds, 3 Mallard and a Heron on the sunken lake. Dozens of Skylarks singing but no other migrants. At Linton pond saw my first Willow warbler. When I used to ring birds these were my favourite birds in the hand. Usual wildfowl and gulls on the pond. Longhirst flash was quiet. At Bothal plenty of wildfowl with 33 Tufted ducks, 21 Gadwall and 37 Coot. Two Pink footed geese still present with the Canadas. I saw a few Swallows today but I still haven't seen a Sand martin.

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