Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stobswood and Ulgham

Chimney Sweeper moth, Ulgham

Hairy Bindweed, Ulgham

Speckled Wood, Stobswood

Hairy St. Johns wort, Stobswood

River Lyne at Ulgham...beginning to dry out!

Vipers Bugloss, Stobswood

Tall Melilot, Widdrington tip

I went up to Widdrington tip and walked around Stobswood. The orchids here are past their best but other plants are coming into flower. Tall or Golden melilot is common around this area, Knapweed and Wild Carrot attract a lot of insects but today was a bit windy to bring out the best. There was a lot of butterflies on the wing, Ringlet, Meadow brown, Common blue and Small skipper, the latter were in their hundreds particularly on the flower heads of Creeping thistle and there was also 3 Speckled woods and Brimstone moth. At the site of the old brickworks the main plant here is Vipers bugloss where there were hundreds of plants and nearly all of them had 5 & 6 spotted Burnet moths on them.
On the way home I called in at Ulgham and lots of Ringlets and 50+ Chimney sweeper moths in the meadows. Lots of waterside flowers like Purple Loosestrife, brooklime and one of my favourites in this area Hairy Bindweed.

Hemlock Water dropwort, Ulgham

Ulgham meadows and woodland is a fine place for a quiet waterside stroll.


Phil said...

I've driven past the turn-off sign to Ulgham scores of times without realising what was there - must go and have a look. Thanks!

Stewart said...

There were no Speckled Woods at Stobswood when we lived there Nigel...I wonder how the moth trapping would be going there now?

abbey meadows said...

Phil...If you drive along the narrow road just down from the church there is a parking area beside the ford and you can walk through the woods and meadows, it's only a small LNR buut a nice place.
Stew...I think the mothing would be good in this area as there is an abundance of varied plants as well as being in a good place to attract migrants. Speckled woods, Ringlets and Small skippers are all recent welcome colonists. Ringlets far outnumber Meadow browns around here.

Davy T. said...

I went to Widdrington Tip not long ago but couldnt seem to find an access point. Do you enter near the Methane Plant.


abbey meadows said...

Yes. There is a stile there and a gap in the hedse.