Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 30 July 2010

Strange Boletes

Scarlatina Bolete (Boletus luridiformis)

Sepia bolete? (Boletus porospporus or B cisalpinus)

Bitter Beech Bolete (Boletus calopus)?

Cottingwood comes into its own at this time of year as the best area in Morpeth for variety of fungi. It also brings with it some challenges and there are dozens of Boletes at the moment but putting a firm id on them is difficult as they look so different as they age. I've posted a couple but I would welcome any comments as to the true id however, I believe the scarlatina is correct.


Anonymous said...

Sorry i can`t help with any id`s Nigel (you know how often you help me out with many fungi), but it`s good to see them emerging now. Great photos of em, too.

abbey meadows said...

Thanks Dean I'm not too bad with some species but others can be very challenging.