Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Old haunts revisited

I went back to stobswood to see how the Broad leaved Helleborines are doing. The ones in the Beech wood are confined to the eastern corner and have been heavily grazed pesumably by Rabbits. However, in the pines behind the old brickworks I counted two to three hundred plants in just a couple of hundred yards and these were just the ones next to the track. Not a lot to see as the weather was poor, very cold and wet. I had a look at Felton Lane but the clearings here are quite overgrown but I did see Red squirrel and a fine show of Slender St Johns wort (second bottom). Wild Parsnip (bottom) is a new plant for this area.

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Stewart said...

I have a few spikes of BLH up here too Nige, I'll try a photo at the weekend...