Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Friday, 5 November 2010

Garden ticks

When I went out to feed the Rabbit this morning  a Waxwing flew up from the top of the garden and into next door's Cotoneaster. It then flew into the taller trees and flew off west calling. I'd like to think it roosted in my big hedge overnight. When it was properly light I walked the dog around the estate but couldn't see or hear any Waxwings. When I got back to the garden there was another familiar call and looking up 7 Crossbills were heading east towards the town centre. Two good garden ticks...not that I keep a list.


Kingsdowner said...

A nice pair, Nigel.
I'm not impressed that the blackbirds have already stripped the rowan next door before the waxwings arrive :-<

abbey meadows said...

Thanks K, I believe there are already Waxwings in Kent so hopefully you might get some in your garden or allotment!