Abbey Meadows

Abbey Meadows

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The time of the season...

...for Velvet shank. But you have to clear the snow to find it. There is a great Fungi stump in Abbey meadows and Velvet shank is thriving underneath the snow here but most of the stump was covered in Trametes versicolor or 'Turkeytail.' There is still over a foot of snow in the garden and I don't think me summerhoose roof will take anymore weight as there is no sign of the weather improving in the near future. I've included a few pics around the meadows. I don't know what the Bullfinches are feeding on but it looked like they were scraping lichen off the branches. Only notable sighting was a Snipe probing the deep snow.


Emma Anderson said...

Lovely bullfinch pictures. It's one bird I wish visited my garden.

abbey meadows said...

This hard weather might push a few your way Emma.